Stand in Line - 1988

Toto album bylo nahráno se zpěvákem Grahamem Bonnetem. Revoluční a nadčasové album. Hned úvodní Stand in Line je hitovka, bylo k ní pořízeno i video.


Seznam skladeb

Graham Bonnet-Vocals
Chris Impellitteri-All Guitars
Chuck Wright-Bass*
Pat Torpey-Drums*
Phil Wolfe-Keyboards

*-místo těchto hudebníků jeli po turné - Stet Howlend-drums a Dave Spitz-bass

1. Stand In Line
2. Since You've Been Gone
3. Secret Lover
4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow [instrumental]
5. Tonight I Fly
6. White & Perfect
7. Leviathan
8. Goodnight and Good-bye
9. Playing With Fire [instrumental]

Obrázek alba

Stand in Line



1. Stand In Line

Standing like a statue waiting for the train
In front of the cigarette vendor
Slicking back his hair looking at the machine
Reflecting like a mirror

Pulling up his collar to avoid the breeze
Of the oncoming bullet
Taking inventory of the things he needs,
He's checking out his wallet
Standing before our eyes straight and tall

*Here comes your hero, stand in line,
Straight as an arrow, stand in line

The mother's son, as perfect as his pompadour
A Spanish-American lover
Heading from the East into West LA
He has to dance La Bamba

So sophisticated is the French cologne
He borrowed from his father
Just another pistol, waiting for someone
To come and pull the trigger
So let his bullet fly through the air...

He'll take you home, stand in line,
If you deserve him, stand in line

[Repeat *]

That perfect stranger, stand in line
IF you deserve him, stand in line

[Repeat *]


2. Since You've Been Gone

I get the same old dreams
Same time every night
Fall to the ground then I wake up
So I get out of bed
Put on my shoes and in my head
Thoughts slide back to the break up

These four walls are closing in
Look at the fix you put me in

*Since you've been gone
Since you've been gone
I'm out of my head
Can't take it
Do not be wrong
But since you've been gone
You cast a spell so break it

Since you've been gone

So in the night I stay
Beneath the back street lights
I read the words that you sent to me
I can take the afternoon
But night comes around too soon
You don't know what you mean to me

Your poison letters
Your telegram
Just goes to show you don't give a damn

[Repeat *]

Since you've been gone

If you ever come back
Baby you know, you'll never do wrong

[Repeat *]

Ever since you've been gone

**Since you've been gone
Since you've been gone
I'm out of my head
I can't take it

[Repeat ** to fade]


3. Secret Lover

She always was a winner
Never lost a game
She preyed upon my innocence
Shot me down in flames
And if I should abuse her
She won't let me forget
Her spirit sleeps within my blood
The pillows soaking wet

*And when your voice is never heard
You speak the language of the world
Secret lover comfort me

I'm drowning in her body
Dying within her kiss
Her sweet perfume is tempting me
To press her to my lips
She takes me to her country
I'm breathing in the air
Before the night if over
She takes me in too far

[Repeat *]

Speak the silence talk to me
Only you can set me free
Secret lover comfort me


4. Somewhere over the Rainbow


5. Tonigt i Fly

She worked so hard for Hollywood
Papers signed at immigration
Left her country and home for good
Last destination

*Tonight I will fly
This night I will fly

On a house at Beachwood two four twenty eight
The LA moon shone down like fire
Inside the outsider burning up,
Dance ballerina

[Repeat *]

Into the air to fly gracefully
Bird of perfection

[Repeat *]


6. White And Perfect

Here comes the Englishman
Perfect in his perfection
Steals like a thief and runs
Turns you round to his religion
We will take Africa, rule Britannia
We shall have India, rule Britannia

*To save the world
We take our world

White and perfect

Shine brightly, while you can
White and mighty and all knowing
Now that your time is done,
Over-rated and outdated
Give me my Africa, rule Britannia,
I shall have India, rule Britannia

[Repeat *]

Save the world
Save the world


7. Leviathan

Hebridian winds blow
Across the water of your homeland
Are you just a shadow
As the mist upon the Highlands
Run deep, silently
Lost forever

*Somewhere in the dark water
Somewhere in the dark water

Manitu, your brother
Share the water of your ocean
Legends are reality
Misunderstanding what our eyes have seen
Run deep, silently
Lost forever

[Repeat *]

Run deep silently
Lost forever


8. Goodnight And Goodbye

This is our weekend, just me and my car
Suited up for Saturday, to cruise the boulevard
I'm riding out on a street full of strangers
Looking at them look at me

We're lovers of the night
Say goodnight and goodbye

I'm taking out some time to light this Cuban-cut cigar
I'm choking as I'm smoking it and holding up the bar
Keeping me cool in a room full of strangers
Hiding behind burning leaves

We're lovers of the night
When we turn out the light
All we're really saying
Is goodnight and goodbye

When we turn out the light
Say goodnight and goodbye
When we turn out the light
We're lost in Hollywood


9. Playing with fire